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Now a registered trust, WORDZ was formed with the idea of providing a platform to students to enhance their public speaking and leadership skills.

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On this very day, Germany announced that the dictator Adolf Hitler is dead. Attached is an audio clip - the original BBC Radio show from that day.

Photographs from Hitler’s bunker mere hours after he committed suicide…remarkable.


April 30, 1945: Hitler commits suicide.

In the spring of 1945, LIFE’s William Vandivert was one of the first photographers to document the ruins of Berlin and the burned-out bunker beneath the city where Hitler and Eva Braun spent their final hours

In his typed notes to his editors in New York, Vandivert described in detail what he saw. For example, of the sixth slide in this gallery he wrote:

“Pix of [correspondents] looking at sofa where Hitler and Eva shot themselves. Note bloodstains on arm of soaf [sic] where Eva bled. She was seated at far end … Hitler sat in middle and fell forward, did not bleed on sofa. This is in Hitler’s sitting room.”

Remarkable stuff — but, it turns out, only about half right. Historians are now quite certain that Braun actually committed suicide by biting a cyanide capsule, rather than by gunshot — meaning that the blood stains on the couch might well be Hitler’s, and not Eva Braun’s, after all.

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How interesting is that ??!! :)

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In times when Photoshop is becoming all-pervasive, here’s an interesting fact!

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Such beautiful shots, these. Day and Night in New York City Captured in Single Images by Stephen Wilkes.

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This video is worth more than the 11 minutes of your time that it will consume…

The power that brands and MNCs yield on us and our lifestyle choice.

For those of you who do not know what memes/internet memes are, here is the wikipedia page.

Over the course of the development of the internet and social media, a number of varied memes have been born and have spread like wildfire. Viral content forms the backbone of almost all of our social media sharing today. Right from your ‘Bob Biswas photos’ to the ‘subtitled movie scenes’ and the ‘crude seemingly-handrawn stick figures’, they are being shared by the millions every single minute across the globe.

If you’re even decently active on Facebook, you will have come across 9gag.com, a creator of internet memes. For the digital-maniacs,knowyourmeme.com, the Internet Meme Database, is a must-visit. It is flooded with internet memes in the form of images, videos, blog posts and even recorded episodes.

An example: Sometime a few months ago, ‘Why this Kolaveri Di?’, the smash hit song, had almost developed into an internet meme; when people started posting photos of Coke cans with slogans like ‘Why this Cola-very di?’ or even posting status updates about anger using this very expression.

This blog post is however, about the latest meme: the ‘Dive Bar Girl’. Madalyn Starkey, a bar girl was so excited when she got the opportunity to get a photograph clicked with the President of the United States Mr. Barack Obama.

Once she got home, she did the one thing most of us would do, she posted it online.

What followed was something she would not have dreamed of. Her pose was copied and edited into unrelated photos across social networks, photos such as:


Now who wouldn’t want one’s face to be posted and re-posted and re-posted all over Facebook, twitter and tumblr?

That is one super-duper meme :)

Submitted by: Atin Batra